Every experience in my life has been like opening a new bottle of wine: a gentle cork pulling, followed by the smell of fresh adventure into the mysteries of tasting a new flavour with curious partners by my side.

Although in wine tasting all descriptions sound like an elegant spy code or a secret language, I like to keep things tangible and down to earth when it comes to life. Perhaps it has something to do with being unexpectedly born in Rio de Janeiro, moving to London, growing up and travelling frequently from an early age.

Maybe it’s because I adore unfolding life’s savours without restrictions or preconceptions. Or maybe it’s because I learnt a universal vocabulary — doesn’t matter where I go, I am always fluent in vin de table and exotic cuisine.

To think about my life story is funny, because I can’t help but notice that my interest in multicultural phenomena is imprinted in my genetics: my Japanese heritage still influences not only my slightly oriental shaped eyes but combines well with my British and Portuguese parents, resulting in a relentless Brazilian girl who’s able to turn every single country into a private vineyard to call home.

Fly me to you right now — let’s explore peculiar landscapes side by side, suck from juicy fruits out in the open, venture up and down the curves of moistened hills, or simply get into each other wrapped in comfy blankets in front of an open fire.

Passion enters through the eyes, so feel free to wander around my website. But a word of advice: experiences, though, enters through the lips, exactly like good wine. So don’t think twice about booking a tour into my cellar and gorging yourself in my world of pleasures and sensations.

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