1 - Screening is mandatory and must be completed up to 1 hour after the booking confirmation; otherwise, it will be cancelled. If you are unsure regarding the date of our meeting, you can get yourself screened before.

2 - I reserve the right to decline any booking requests that have inconsistencies in the screening or for personal reasons.


3 - In the occasion of you booking experiences over 12 hours or FMTY, I will need at least 6 hours of sleep. Don’t take it personally, it will ensure the quality of our time together.

4 - Please complete the payment within 10 min of the beginning of our meeting. If we are encountering in a private place, please place the unsealed envelope written: “To Ella” on the table or on the toilet sink. If we are meeting in a public venue, you can place it in a book — which I will certainly read later — or in a gift bag.

5 - If it is our first time together and you want me to go to you (outcall), please make sure it is a 4-5 stars hotel in central London (zone 1). If you are just stopping over, I can go to the hotels inside Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

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