Are you available now?

I need at least 3 hours prior to the meeting for new friends due to the screening process. I strongly recommend you to email me with at least 1 day notice.

What are the payment methods?

Card is the preferred method, however we can discuss other methods once you have been screened.

“I don’t like to give my private infos”, “I am famous”, “I am from x society”, “Is screening mandatory”?

Privacy is paramount in my practice. I understand your concern, but unfortunately screening is mandatory and there are no exceptions. Your sensitive information will be destroyed right after the screening is done.

Would you be willing to sign a Non-disclosure agreement?

Definitely! Your confidentiality is always assured.


Are you real/genuine? 

I am an established provider, verified in the main platforms online, in addition to my Instagram account with over 10.000 followers. I have been in a number of countries which resulted in a solid reputation throughout the years. Moreover, you can ask any of my colleagues' references of me. If even with all these assurances you still do not think I am genuine, then I strongly suggest you to contact someone else. No hurt feelings, I promise :)

Do you have any enhancements?

No, luckily my miscegenated heritage gave me good genetics!

Will you travel to see me?

I would be happy to visit your city and learn more about you in your comfort zone. Please let me know everything over email and let’s rock together!

Can I whisky you away on my business trips?

Absolutely! I am passport ready, trips are always a spice up and I would love to be your secret companion and bring joy to your business trip! Find out more about FMTY here.
Where are we having our next toast?

Where are you from?

Complex! Making a long story short: I was born in Brazil and grew up between London and Lisbon.

What are your fav restaurants?

At the top, definitely Mossimans! Following the list, not less important: 5, Hertford st, Corrigans and others. You can find most of them on my page indulge me (coming soon), and choose where we should indulge together.

Can I get you a gift?

First of all, thank you for your generosity! I love receiving both gifts and e-gift cards (even a note, photo or e-card to say that you are thinking of our moments together). Here is my wishlist and more information about what brings the best out of me.

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